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Monday 25 January 2016

Finding Hope

I am excited to announce that my fourth young adult novel, 'Finding Hope', will be released in the spring of 2016 with Dundurn Press.

About the book...

Hope leaves her small town for a fresh start, but her plans are derailed by an online romance and the appearance of her brother.

Hope lives in a small town with nothing to do and nowhere to go. With a drug addict for a brother, she focuses on the only thing that keeps her sane, writing poetry. To escape, she jumps at the chance to attend Ravenhurst Academy as a boarding student. She’ll even put up with the clique-ish Ravens if it means making a fresh start.

At first, Ravenhurst is better than Hope could have dreamed. She has a boyfriend and a cool roommate, and she might finally have found a place she can fit in. But can she trust her online boyfriend? And what can she do after her brother shows up at the school gates, desperate for help, and the Ravens turn on her? Trapped and unsure, Hope realizes that if she wants to save her brother, she has to save herself first.

Advance Copy Reviews

"Both heartbreaking and hopeful, this will be a popular choice among mature readers of realistic fiction."
-School Library Journal

"This raw novel pulls no punches..."
-Resource Links

"Finding Hope, so well titled as Eric searches for his sister and Hope tries to figure out who she is, would be an excellent choice for high school literature circles centered around addiction or bullying."
-Resource Links